Billboard Advertising Best Practices

Published: 12th April 2011
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People have encountered billboard advertising at sometime or the other; during the morning traffic rush or en route to their favourite holiday destination. Of course, the most defining characteristics of those billboard advertising boards being their outdoor advertising design.

At least everyone can agree on the purpose of billboard advertising: It plays an effective function in any businessesí marketing; specifically those aimed at multimedia channels. Billboard advertising and outdoor advertising design is one of the most cost-conscious communications mediums that places brands directly in the consumers reach.

It also offers an extension to audiences otherwise unreached.

Businesses of any size envisage and have seriously considered billboard advertising as part of their marketing efforts, but donít always know exactly how to execute an outdoor advertising campaign. Should a graphic design agency simply create a visually stimulating advertisement? Or should a copywriter just string together attention-grabbing content for motorists and passers-by?

An effective outdoor advertising strategy will ensure your billboard advertising campaign is a success. The campaign will map out all variables required for the outdoor advertising design. This will ultimately indicate which billboard advertising format you utilise. Large formats such as LED billboards at airports are situated along major routes are best utilised to announce and convince products and services.

These billboards ensure maximum visibility from people travelling in the vicinity of the airport on a daily basis. To reinforce and remind consumers about products and services, the ideal billboard advertising utilised should be smaller formats such as bus shelters, suburban signs and lightboxes situated inside the airports.

Many businesses have learned that not only is the outdoor advertising format and its location important, but that the epicentre of any effective outdoor campaign is design.

Billboard advertising design refers to design as a collective; i.e. product identification, concise copy, legible font, large illustrations, eye-catching colours and intrigue.

The billboard advertising audience are almost always on the move. Businesses only have a matter of seconds to intrigue and inform before that consumer moves swiftly along. The product and illustrations should be clearly visible from a distance. To create impact avoid long copy and opt for upbeat, attention-grabbing content. Incorporate bold colours into the outdoor advertising design that will harmonize the advertisement. Simplicity and intrigue is important when it comes to outdoor advertising design and therefore the methods used must be witty.

Consumers need to identify the product, engage with the brand and be intrigued by the offering, all before taking the next off-ramp

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